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    All of the following documents are .PDF files and can therefore be viewed via Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 which is free and downloadable from the following link:

    Family Matters Program Booklets
    Booklets mailed to families participating in the Family Matters program.
    Book 1: Why Families Matter ©1996 Karl E. Bauman
    Book 2: Helping Families Matter to Teens ©1996 Karl E. Bauman
    Book 3: Alcohol and Tobacco Rules are Family Matters ©1996 Karl E. Bauman
    Book 4: Non-Family Influences that Matter ©1996 Karl E. Bauman
    Program Incentives (mailed with booklets)

    Health Educator Guidebook
    Manual distributed to all Health Educators before training. This guidebook covers all aspects of how the program was implemented and includes all materials relevant to the program (excluding the program booklets available above).
    Health Educator Guidebook ©1996 revised 2005 Karl E. Bauman